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We understand tax debt. Find out how it can come about and the solutions that can be taken.


We are grass root accountants; we're in the front lines with our clients, we know your needs, cash flow requirements and specialise in strategies on how to best minimise your debt or completely resolve it. Our difference is we work with our clients in the field, which opens up a deeper understanding between all parties involved.

One of our key advantages is our ability to communicate with the ATO, based on a long track record and understanding the ATO's systems and processes. Individuals and businesses sometimes feel intimidated by the ATO and react hastily before fully understanding their options and the processes within the ATO environment.

We walk you through every step of our process:

  • Firstly getting a full understanding of the circumstances which led to the tax debt
  • Fact finding evaluation process, what type of debt is it, what other debts (tax or otherwise) exist, what future incoming debts may be looming
  • Understand the process in your financial management, reviewing your method of business monitoring
  • After review, we provide to you various options based on your situation and structure
  • Determine who the key office holders are e.g. public officeres, secretaries, shareholders, managers, directors; and in trusts, who are the appointers and beneficiaries
  • Review of ATO correspondence to pinpoint your stage of tax debt and build your case
  • Determine your current financial situation, find what you can afford to pay and over what period of time
  • Reorganise and create a new business structure to improve cashflow

Act quickly, as we will attempt to manage your tax debt within your organisational structure before it requires a more terminal solution or advancing to legal environments (e.g. liquidation, bankruptcy). These outcomes have a permanent nature and long-lasting effects which we want to help you avoid, by rectifying your situation correctly and swiftly.

As requirements develop, we call upon our expert network of:

  • Insolvency practioners
  • Finance brokers
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Insurance brokers

Our first consultation has no fee cost. Once starting the process with Tax Debt Managers, you will notice rapid actions taken in regards to your tax debt problem.


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