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We understand tax debt. Find out how it can come about and the solutions that can be taken.

About Tax Debt

Tax debt comes about in various methods, some are not surprising, while some unfortunately are sudden and unexpected. We've seen businesses fall into debt in various ways:

  • Using tax money to fund business
  • Unpaid invoices by clients/customers
  • Poor cashflow or business management
  • Late lodgements, penalty and fines
  • Messy divorces or relationships
  • Corrupt partner dealings

Tax debt can be a gruesome burden and hinders growth, restricting activities such as financing. If in debt, seek professional help to move out of your debt and into a structured process to grow your business and avoid tax debt occuring again.

We work with tax debt problems on a day to day basis, working closely with our clients and ATO. Communication is key and we manage communication between all parties to help our clients better manage their debt or resolve it completely.

Tax Debt Managers is a department of Aspire Now, a Brisbane-based accounting firm with over 16 years in the industry.
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